Wykamol Dampstop 1 Metre Mesh Membrane Kit

Wykamol Dampstop 1 Metre Mesh Membrane Kit

Product Details:

Dampstop is a studded polypropylene damp proofing Mesh membrane 2.8mm thickness. It is fixed to damp, salt contaminated walls using plugs, with the studs facing the wall,which creates an air gap. The mesh can be dot and dab plaster boarded or directly rendered.

Dampstop creates a warm wall to reduce condensation and creates a barrier against harmful salts. Allows quicker re decoration then a traditional sand/cement Plaster and a physical barrier.

To be used in conjunction with Wykamol Ultracure Damp cream to complete the system.


?1 x 10m roll of mesh membrane

1 x roll of tape

100 fixing plugs

Sam's Code: SAM54773
Product Code: 338670

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